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Enjoy FREE Shipping on ALL orders $100+ (in the 48 contiguous states)


Melon Burst Color Changing Candle 15.5oz

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The Melon Burst Color Changing Candle is a hand-poured candle made of high-quality paraffin wax. This candle has three wicks for a slow and even burn, lasting approximately 80-100 hours in burn-time. The candle features the fresh, fruity scent of a medley of honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon layered with sweet citrus, and includes a black metal lid to preserve the original aroma. This candle is crafted using Colorsine technology, resulting in a color-changing feature when burning. Trim the candle’s wicks to 1/8” and light to watch the candle wax gradually turn from ivory to dark green while burning, bringing a fun new dynamic to home fragrance! When the flames are extinguished and the candle cools, the wax will return to its original ivory shade. Pair this candle with a candle ring or mat for a decorative display year-round. Poured in the USA!

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