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Stuffed Fleece Snowman Sitter 2 Asstd.

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The Snowman Sitters are an assortment of two plush snowman dolls made of soft, bright white fleece fabric. The snowmen have carrot noses, smiling faces, jingle bell buttons, and knit Winter scarves and hats. The snowmen feature dangling fabric legs, hold a present or snowball, and the bottoms of the snowmen are weighted for a secure sitting display. Place these plush on the edge of a shelf or riser for a cozy, charming touch to the home during Winter and Christmas. Each plush measures 18” high by 5” wide (10” high sitting). Please note: This Item features a variety of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). Please add a note in your cart to indicate your preference.  If no style is specified, one will be selected at random by our team.

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